Beginners Online Jazz Weekend

Beginners Jazz Weekend £45

23rd and 24th January 2021 - SOLD OUT! Check back for dates of the next beginner's sessions, which will be announced soon!!

SOLD OUT!! Check back for more dates



If you can play a tune and improvise on a standard, wait until you see the” Intermediate” and “Advanced” sessions dates (to be announced shortly).

The beginner's weekend will teach you how to feel a groove and play in time, explain how improvisation works through echo clapping, call and response games and show you how to keep a tune in your head and improvise on it at the same time. I’ll also show you how to hear the chord changes of a blues.

If you play a Bb instrument you need to know the scale of D Major.

If you play a Eb instrument you need to know the scale of A Major.

If you play a F instrument you need to know the scale of G Major.

That’s it!

The sessions will be on January 23rd and 24th 2021 at

10.00  - 11.15 am


2 - 3.15 pm each day.

All you need for the beginner sessions are

  • a strong internet connection
  • the Zoom app
  • the ability to play the notes of the scale of C Major and that’s all!

You don’t need to be able to read music to take part, but just be willing to “have a go”. This weekend is for all, regardless of age and technical ability.

We collect your email address as part of the signing up for the session and will be in touch ahead of the weekend. You will receive your zoom invite to the session after your payment comes through.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you online.


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