Baroque Improvisation

Online Baroque Improvisation Weekend £45

If you can find your way round major and minor scales up to three sharps and flats and play a selection of Hymns from CH4, my Baroque weekend will teach you the basic techniques of improvisation and re-harmonization, all through Zoom.

Taking simple tunes from the works of Monteverdi, Telemann, Bach, Purcell and Vivaldi, I will show you how to create your own bass line, inner parts and obbligato and how to improvise 2- and 3-part counterpoint.

All of this will be done by ear and notation will be provided after the Course.

If you stick to playing the same harmony every time you play “Amazing Grace” or “Still the Night”, I will show you how all tunes can be reharmonized simply and effectively by learning the techniques perfected by harmonic masters such as Art Tatum, Bill Evans and Dave Brubeck. Their understanding of the harmonic principles in the Chorales of  J S Bach is critical in learning how to add colour and tension to the playing of the most often played Hymns.

I can’t turn you into a J S Bach over the course of a weekend, but I can start you off on a new path of discovery and enjoyment.

These practical sessions are mainly for organists and keyboard players, but all instruments are welcome.

March 2021 weekend a great success. Watch for more dates being announced soon!

You will need:

  • a strong internet connection
    • the Zoom app
    • your instrument placed within reasonable distance from your screen
    • a willingness to “get it wrong and not be bothered”!

Obviously, I would have preferred to run this weekend playing a real organ, such as I have in my church in Kirkcaldy, but with COVID restrictions this is impossible.

I will collect your email address as part of the signing up process, and will be in touch ahead of the weekend. You will receive your Zoom invite after your payment comes through.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you online.


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On-line Baroque Improvisation Weekend 20th-21st March 2021
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