On-Line Jazz Courses

Since lockdown last March, I have taught hundreds of students of all ages through my work with the Benedetti Foundation, St Andrews University and the Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra. From my music room in Kirkcaldy I now record and edit all my sessions for BBC Radio Scotland’s “Jazz Nights” and have become as familiar with technology as I am improvising a fugue (easier than the technology!).

Now is your chance to join in with our upcoming Jazz courses, all delivered via zoom. Outstanding value at only £25 per course

Simply select the session that works for you at the level suits you and click on the link. I look forward to seeing you online.


Richard’s 'Piano Day' Jazz Course. On Zoom. Further Dates to be announced.

Suitable for players of all abilities.

I will show my methods for warm-ups, practising and learning tunes. Whatever your standard, I will help you to understand a pianistic approach to improvisation through learning how to produce good tone, bring out a melody over chords and how to interpret lead sheets in a musical way. I’ll show you the 3 things you need - a melody, harmony note and a bass note - it’s that simple folks and I’ll unlock the key for you! Join me on the 4th December. Only £25 for both sessions. Click here to sign up and I'll see you online!

Richard’s 'Playing Standards' Jazz Course. On Zoom. Further Dates to be announced.

Suitable for players of all abilities.

The Great American Songbook is at the heart of jazz repertoire. Once you can identify chord changes, hear a bass line and harmony parts, you have the necessary material to improvise. Taking tunes like “Autumns Leaves” and “All The Things You Are”, I’ll show you how to get the GPS of any tune you know and love - all in 2 sessions! Only £25 for both session.

Richard’s 'Basically Blues' Jazz Course. On Zoom. Further dates to be announced

Suitable for players of all abilities.

The 12 bar blues can be as simple or as complex as you make it. I will take you through the basic structure of three chords through to the additional scales and chords from the innovations of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and beyond. It doesn’t matter if you can’t play them immediately - I guarantee you will in time, and by the end of the day you will have enough information that will either drive you crazy, or, give you the motivation to improve! Only £25 for both sessions. Click here to sign up!

Richard’s Jazz Beginners Course. On Zoom.

More dates to be announced soon - Designed for those taking their first steps in improvised music, I will show you how to play a basic 12 bar blues, solo over a standard from the Great American Songbook, and how to understand and interpret  chord symbols  and scales.

Richard’s Intermediate Jazz Course. On Zoom.

More dates to be announced very soon!

If you know your way round a 12 bar blues and can improvise on a standard tune, I will show you how to develop your solos with a greater understanding of form, chords and scales.

Quotes from recent Jazz Beginner's sessions

"Sensational Weekend Richard"

"That boosted my confidence… and that’s Scary!”

and from one of our younger players .. "That's been the best weekend since Christmas!"

Quotes for Jazz Intermediate sessions

"The intermediate jazz course weekend was a life changing experience! Lightbulb moments flashing, pennies dropping and my feet learned to tap in time!"